A proprietary database reflecting
decades of data collection

Alphaliner is tailor-made for use by liner shipping executives, shipbrokers and other shipping professionals. The vast
majority of liner operators and container ship owners as well as leading shipbrokers use it daily. Alphaliner is also the
first-choice knowledge base used by many port authorities, terminal operators, logistics companies, shippers,
research companies and banks and other financial institutions.

An unrivalled Internet-based
information source and research solution

Wealth of information

Alphaliner harbours an unrivalled wealth of information. Content is constantly updated and expanded. Alphaliner follows the latest industry trends to deliver you essential information and analysis of recent developments.

Ideal research tool

Alphaliner is the ideal tool for liner operators, tonnage providers, marketing research teams, competition analysts, fleet managers, shipbrokers, shipping investors and port authorities. Our online solution is a unique one-stop-shop, with all relevant information at your disposal anytime, anywhere. Alphaliner is proven, reliable and fast.

AlphalinerTOP 100

The Alphaliner TOP 100 provides a constantly updated ranking of the 100 largest container/liner operators as well as global capacity figures taking into account the fleets of virtually all container operators worldwide.
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We provide bespoke data extracts to save you time compiling details service and trade information which is readily available in Alphaliner.